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Cool Kids Range  – 330ml

Our Cool kids range is an exciting range! It is a healthier option to sugar loaded carbonation drinks. It has less than 1 kilojoule per 100ml and is diabetic friendly.

 The taste is awesome and the advantage is – it is in a small 330ml bottle that looks great!


  • Naartjie Flavoured water
  • Grape Flavoured Water
  • Strawberry Flavoured water
  • Apple Flavoured Water
  • Cherry Flavoured Water

Flavoured Water 500ml & 1.5 Litres

Our flavoured water is an exciting alternative to all the sugary and unhealthy drinks that we are exposed to. It stops charts at less than 1 kilojoule per 100ml. It is diabetic friendly and endorsed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

The flavoured water range caters for all the taste buds and the exciting flavours are tailer made to soothe your wildest thirst. These flavoured waters go good with any side drink and even brags with a fruity burst on its own.

  • Naartjie Flavoured water
  • Grape Flavoured Water
  • Strawberry Flavoured water
  • Apple Flavoured Water
  • Cherry Flavoured Water
  • Marula Flavoured Water
  • Tutti Fuity Flavoured Water
  • Passion Fruit Flavoured Water
  • Black Current Flavoured Water
  • Litchi Flavoured Water
  • Lemon & Lime Flavoured Water

Its LOUD, but it’s a soft drink

Loud Cooldrink 2 litres & 500ml

Our Loud is a quality soft drink and is very competitive in taste to the original flavours we all grew up with.

The name says it all. The loud range is our newest range added recently

The loud cool drink.

  • Grape Flavour
  • Orange Flavour
  • Cola Flavour
  • Creme Soda Flavour
  • Granadilla Flavour
  • Lemon and Lime Flavour
  • Soda Water Flavour

Still Water – 330ml, 500ml, 1.5L, 5L, (10L and 20L Boxes)

If you are looking for a great tasting water – Look no further!

The water products are “Pure Refreshment” as the slogan states. It is just water. Low TDS levels and the quality product of reverse osmosis.

The water is a quality product that is produced with reversed osmosis and ozonated. This ensures that the water stays bacteria free till it is opened. Our water range is endorsed by the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Giant Thirst 250ml Sachet, 500ml and 750ml

Our Giant Thirst range is sporty and designed for people with a giant thirst.

Great tasting and looks great.

The 250ml sachet is ideal for people on the go, from cycling to running to cricket and rugby. The sachet is light to carry and you simply throw it away after drinking. Easy as drinking water.

Our Giant Thirst range is endorsed by the Heart & Stroke Foundation

Private Labelling

Our private labelling is tops. We use customized bottles of your choice and even colour code the caps for you.

The private labelling ranges from simple to the most classic bottles. You supply your design and we do the rest.

This is for the business that wants to promote their own water products or for the executives who would like to spoil their clients. This is also a perfect opportunity for guest houses, spa’s and hotels to promote themselves  and add an extra finishing touch to their meals and conference facilities.

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