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Just Water KZN is a new bottling factory that was founded during 2021, based in Cato Ridge, KZN.

The Just Water concept was founded more than 20 years ago in George. Products are manufactured and distributed within South Africa and beyond the borders.

We blow our own bottles and we purify water. Just Water also manufactures a wide range of beverages.

Just Water KZN is the proud licence holders of the following brands, endorsed by Just Water Head Office – Just Water, Cool Kids, Iced Tea, Giant Thirst, Tooti Fruiti and Loud.

The still water, sparkling water and flavoured drinks ranges are all endorsed by the Hear and Stroke Foundation. Our Flavoured water ranges are Low in kilojoules, diabetic friendly and aspartame free. 

Our water is purified, using reverse osmosis and ozonation, on water obtained from a public or private distribution system.

What is osmosis

Osmosis is water that is diffused through a semipermeable membrane towards a region of higher concentration to equalize the solution strength. Ultimate height difference between columns is the “osmotic” pressure.


Reverse Osmosis is applied pressure in excess of osmotic pressure that reverses the water flow direction, hence the term “reverse osmosis”.


The water prepared with ozone reduces the possibility of bacteria growing in the bottles and ensures that up until the point where the water is opened no bacteria can reach the product. With normal water / spring water the TDS levels are high, which gives the chance for bacteria growth being very high. With the combination of reversed osmosis and ozonated water the product is of a very good quality and taste.


Our water tastes awesome! The water has no harmful bacteria and is endorsed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Our Flavoured water range is very low in kilojoules and is diabetic friendly and aspartame free and a much healthier alternative.

The flavoured water range is also endorsed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

So the question remains – WHY JUST WATER?

Just Water gives a quality product, which tastes great and is also a healthy product.